DevOps Engineer

Full-Time in Reston, VA - Remote OK - Mid Level - Engineering

Ring.io is on a mission to empower sales teams with software weapons. Every sales team is at war with other sales teams in their industry. Our apps give sales pros an unfair advantage.

We specialize in communication and engagement software. Our killer app is a CRM-embedded dialer that helps sales reps and managers drive interactions with prospects.

Just like an exoskeleton increases a soldier’s range and ability to carry gear, Ring.io augments a sales rep’s ability to develop many more parallel shallow relationships.

That’s today. Tomorrow, what weapons will sales teams need?

The thread that weaves together everything we do is a passion for translating hard core tech and usability R&D into software innovations that solve practical problems in a powerful way, and that professionals fall in love with.

The team behind Ring.io is made of intelligent, collegial and curious people. We believe in solving hard problems once and for all. We believe that a few, focused, fast learners who trust each other can make a big difference.

About the Position…

Ring.io has been delivering world-class software as a service for over a decade. Our engineering team is made of a small group of high-caliber, collaborative engineers.

This is the perfect role for an DevOps engineer who’s ready for a role where their potential to learn and grow is unlimited by the usual blockers:

If you’ve ever been asked to support a crummy or old tech stack, you know how demoralizing it can be to see your hours slip away fixing the unfixable.

At Ring.io, our tech is modern AWS.

If you’ve been stuck being the junior person on a team that has no time for you and doesn't trust you, you know how tough it is to wake up every day and try to fake enthusiasm about the meaningless projects you've been assigned.

In contrast, the Ring.io team is small, you have direct access to over 50 man-years of engineering talent, and we don't waste time doing meaningless work. You will be able to trace directly what you do to customer impact. Every project you work on will be an amazing learning experience that will grow your skills.

If you’re still excited after reading that, then let’s get to the details

Your responsibilities:

  • Take downtime personally. Uptime is the ultimate success metric.
  • Design load balancing, failover, and alerting systems for best-in-class 24x7 high availability across all services
  • Design and implement a Dashboarding system using a tool like Grafana or a tool of your choice.
  • Build automation tools to streamline the deployment of releases and hot fixes.
  • Bring expertise on troubleshooting applications, database, and networking performance and failures
  • Collaborate with the software development team in the design and implementation of continuous delivery solutions.
  • 24/7 ownership of the stack and available to support in the event of systems failure.
  • Assist Ring.io Customer Support with escalated tickets and provide feedback to the Engineering team in a synthesized manner.
  • Assist with certifying Software Releases. You may be required to test or automate testing of new software releases. (20% of your time)

We need someone with...

  • AWS Ninja skills. EC2, RDS (MySQL), Redshift, Cloudwatch, Elasticsearch, Route 53, S3, VPC & DynamoDB
  • Grafana or other monitoring / dashboarding tool expertise
  • 2+ years supporting a live 24x7 website running on a public cloud
  • At least 4 hours of daily overlap with US Eastern Time.
  • 2+ years of experience developing and maintaining automated deployment scripts.

What it's like to work at Ring.io

  • We love coming to work every day
  • Each employee has the freedom to make an impact on the business
  • Everybody is dying to help you, has a genuine interest in your ideas, and wants to learn from you
  • Everybody understands that each team member plays a vital role in advancing the business
  • Nobody cares how you dress - you should be comfortable
  • We hate meetings
  • We like Macs and big computer screens

The Nitty Gritty

  • We are a 100% remote company and this is a 100% remote position. You work from wherever you live. Our expectation is that you have or will have a quiet, comfortable and well-connected spot from which you'll be available to do the work. We can help you get what you need to have an effective home office. You'll have less interaction than if you worked in an office, but less distractions too.
  • Our business hours are US East Coast hours - you will need to have a large overlap of hours in your workday during those hours to meet and communicate with customers. Most of our customers are based in North America. While technically possible, it is unlikely that we would work with you if all your daytime hours are all of our customer and team member nighttime hours & vice versa.
  • Compensation:
    • Competitive base salary.
    • You participate in the Ring.io Team Bonus Plan
  • Unlimited vacation (within reason)
  • Work / life flexibility.
  • If you are based in the US, we will hire you as a W-2 employee and you'll get 2x/mo paychecks. If you are based outside the US we will hire you as an independent contractor and we'll pay your 1x/mo invoice.
  • If you live in a country without public health insurance, we will subsidize some of your health insurance costs. You pick your health insurance, we reimburse some of your insurance expenses

Diversity & equity: we value it, we want more of it.